Vision Correction Services


The service that I have received from Dr. Conrad and his staff as been of the highest quality. I would recommend them to anyone. My husband and I are both very satisfied patients!

Kay A.

I’ve been a patient at Conrad Eye Centers for about 14 years in New Albany, and I have three eye conditions that require me to visit the office about every three months. I have always been pleased with Dr. Conrad and his staff. Dr. Conrad takes all the time I need at each visit. I have never felt rushed. He is friendly, thorough, and very aware of my condition. I have always felt confident in his ability and advice. The office personnel are always friendly and helpful, and I never wait too long at my appointments. I am a VERY happy patient at Conrad Eye Centers.

Patricia B.

I had been having trouble with my eyesight for some time especially the right eye which was extremely blurred. One Sunday I awoke to find myself unable to distinguish objects. I called Dr. Conrad and he met me at his office on a Sunday morning as he was going to a basketball game. I had a monster cataract in my right eye and one growing in my left. During an extremely busy period, he found time to fit me in for surgery on my right eye and then my left eye two weeks later. I am very pleased to say I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and that the surgery and recovery were both fast and painless.

Ken W.